Cosmetic Surgery & Botox Treatments

Taking the decision to undergo cosmetic surgery is a very important step, and choosing the right surgeon as well. Whether you would like cosmetic surgery to improve your appearance or reconstructive surgery to correct defects or increase functionality, what you need is an experienced doctor who has an excellent academic training and more importantly, who is recommended by his patients.

Dr. Juan Antonio Araújo is highly considered due to his expertise, professionalism and excellent surgical results. A lot of his patients regard him as the doctor who has managed to make them boost their self-esteem and improve their life quality.

In practice, since 1988, Dr. Araújo has always combined his sense of aesthetics with his surgical and artistic skills to offer excellent results.

The Cosmetic Surgeon Juan Antonio Araújo is always interested in carrying out surgical procedures which are safe. He works in close relationship with his patients so as to develop an individualized plan of treatment and achieve the required results.

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One Area   €280.00
Two Areas   €340.00
Three or more   €400.00
Princess 23mg   300.00
Polilactic acid / Sculptra   500.00