Most injuries require fast initial intervention to prevent long term medical reliance.

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Most injuries require fast initial intervention to prevent long term medical reliance.


Cardio machines as well as strength improving and weight bearing equipment are required. Consideration should be given to running machines, steppers, cross trainers and rowing machines, bicycles and vibration plates.


Electrical assisted machines are ideal. Sophia Wellness Centre already supply this facility and assist clients of this nature.


Stability, mobility and flexibility exercises require very little machinery. Small hand weights, steps, bars, balls and wobble boards would be required, moving onto weight bearing exercises via fixed machinery.


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The first toning tables were invented by a physiotherapist during the 1930's whose wife Sally, was struck down by polio which left her in a wheelchair. These beds enabled Sally to build and strengthen muscles as well as regain flexibility and mobility without placing any stress on her body. Sally made a complete recovery.................she and her husband then opened a toning table centre with the aim of helping people who had difficulty in movement, whether that be because of joint replacement, injury, MS, or any other physical impediment. Their clients not only benefitted from great physical relief, but quickly found they were also losing inches.

Fran H from Cucador tells her story.

"In January 2009 I had a knee replacement in the UK. I did not get much physiotherapy after the operation which left me with very little movement, I was unable to bend my knee back or walk straight, I was also very stiff. I moved to Spain in Nov 2010, my friend had told me about Sophia Wellness Centre in Arboleas. I went along to see if they could help in some way.....I was offered a free consultation and trial. I was impressed with the results even on that first trial..............what I liked was that Michele, the fitness instructor, stayed with me to make sure I was doing everything correctly............ I now go to the centre 3 times a week each time I come away feeling so much better. Now I have greater movement in my knee and can go walking with my friends and do things that I have not done in a long while."

Jill B from Arboleas

This has changed my life, I have MS and when I first went to Sophias I had to use a crutch to get around, now I am able to walk unaided...........I have just returned from a trip to Paris and I have walked miles with no problems, I could not have done that a year ago!


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